2014: Page 8 of 365

A very happy new year to all my fellow bloggers. We survived another year and we saw the dawn of a new one – and it’s not an unlucky number.

Today, we stand on Page 8 of this this new year’s clean slate. Thinking about it, it seems like a long road we have ahead of us. But, it’s already 8 days down the drain and 8 days where one should have embraced the new year for what it is and could be.

In a new outlook, I decided not to look towards the future anymore and take everything for the here and now. Living in the present, one might also call it.

In December, it worked for me. Living in the here and now provided me with some space to deal with everything that was happening now and not jump my thoughts towards the unknown abyss (or the future as one might call it). It was also loads of less stress I had to deal with. It also gave me some hope for 2014 – maybe things will actually be better…

But, my words were barely spoken and the first crisis’ of 2014 popped up.

And this within the first 3 days of the new year. I mean, seriously? Really?

I thought back to last year where at the same time I was surrounded by drama with friends and I made the best decision to just simply cut it out and ignore it as such and take it for what it is and might be.

After the crisis’ dissipated and I got all the advice I needed, I sat down and made another decision: Stop stressing over that what you can’t control.

It is a trait that I’ve inherited from my mother: being a total control freak. And watching her going overboard and sometimes wrecking situations and people with that behaviour, I decided it would be better to let that part of me go.

And boy. After deciding to that, it was like an immense weight was lifted off my shoulders.

The proverbial saying goes: Worrying is like a rocking chair. It will get you know where, but it will keep you busy by wasting your own time. 

For 2014, I need to invest my time more wisely into situations and people that deserve it more. Forgotten are the days where I would try to control everything and stress over every small detail in my life. A needed reinvested into my life was needed and 2014 would be providing the perfect platform for me to change this.

People love making new years resolutions, but I don’t easily fall into that bad habit. Just like rules, resolutions are meant to be broken. And why do you have to have everything figured out a year in advance when we all know things won’t end up like you imagine to end up. Truth.

Already 8 pages are done and dusted. But, let it be know: 2014 is going to be my year and I plan on making it happen. Watch this space…