Choices are like dog poop…

[20 weeks]

Today, a memory from my childhood came up to me again as I was walking home from the train station.

A fond memory I’ll always have of my dad is that he loves reading. As a child, I would creep up behind his back and peer over the pages of the book he was reading, just to share in the wonderful wonderland he was constantly escaping to.

One school holiday, my dad had this book laying on his stack. It was thick and I knew I would never be able to finish it in time before he’d have to return it to the library. Nonetheless, I picked it up, perched myself against the wall of his study and started reading.

The tale was of a young Russian prince who was out exploring the kingdom on his horse. In the intro, he describes this bird made of fire and ice. When it was winter, it would heat up and burst into flames, protecting their land. In the summer, it would cool down and give shelter to the crops.

One sentence I’ll never forget from this prologue, was a phrase the kingdom had adopted to suit the behavior of this bird: Adapt to survive and stand tall.

So, for the last three hours this phrase has been stuck with me. Not being able to escape the maze that is my head. It made a lot of sense. After all, we as humans have been blessed with the curse of choice. Everything in life is a series of choices. Choices we get to control and make.

Whilst everything in these past 20 weeks has been the most worst experiences of my life so far, I’ve come to learn that we all have a choice when it comes to dealing with grief. We can either have it destroy us, or we can survive, adapt and stand tall.

Something that still baffles me is that we as humans have the ability of free choice.

We get to decide our paths, our futures and our circumstances.

I know my previous post was not a very positive one… Here I have to hang my head in shame to my followers and readers.

But, I’ve since had some time to be quiet, reflect and realise some things.

Sometimes, we are not left to deal with our own choices, but others as well. And it’s not sometimes a choice we necessarily wanted to deal with or agreed with.

As the quote said: Survive and adapt.

Just as the ever changing landscape of life with it’s intricate choices doesn’t allow much space for us to sit down and throw and hissy fit, we just have to buck up and adapt to survive.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: Never forget that the right of choice is a privilege is a gift life has extended to you. Although you might be roped into others choices, you still have the right to control what you decide after that.

Also: Choices come in various forms which ranges from Easy as Pie to Slaying the Basalisk-difficult. Life has not extended a manual to us which helps these choices to be made with ease. Some choices are made with good or bad intentions and can go either way. Yes. Life’s an asshole for not extending a manual, right?

Still, in this masterclass, learning a lesson through a bad or good choice, you’ll always get to carry a lesson with you. A lesson you again get to share with the rest of the world.

Remember: Survive and adapt. Stand tall and change your circumstances – you have the choice to lead your life where you need to be. But never sit back and exclaim you didn’t have a choice. You’re just screwing yourself over. Big time.

In this case, the choice is simple: Choose to be in control of your decisions.

Seemingly, choices are like stepping in dog poop. You either step in it pretty deep and you’re screwed, and you complain all the way, whilst stinking up everywhere you step once you get out of it. Or you face the fact that you’ve stepped in it, get out of it, scrape it off your shoes and avoid the next puddle of crap in your way…




In total agreement with this list ❤


By the time you hit 25, you’ll realize that you tend to make a lot more excuses than when you were in your early 20’s. Excuses usually come about when you’re afraid to try new things or when you’re over the previous things that you used to do. Some excuses come about when you’re just done-right lazy to do something.

While you navigate your way through your new-found adulthood, these are 25 excuses you’ll probably give by 25:

I don’t have time for gym *gets stuck in traffic for 2 hours*

I don’t have the money to finance a healthy lifestyle plan *eats fast food everyday*

I don’t have time to cook *lies!*

Sorry I’m late boss… Traffic was insane today *toyed around with the snooze button earlier this morning*

I’ve got a doctor’s appointment * Monday morning excuse*

The project failed because s/he didn’t check the reports…

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It’s not fair.

[R* 19 weeks – Tamzin* 8 days]

It’s not fair.

This sentence has been on repeat in my head for the past week. Like a stubborn mule, I’ve not moved past these words and I’ve been muttering them silently during the day and screaming them in my sleep.

It’s not fair.

Last week, a dear friend passed away in a car accident.

Tamzin was truly one of the people on this earth you could point to and say: There goes a beautiful soul. And so this beautiful soul was ripped away from us by a tragic course of circumstances that has left everyone asking why it had to happen to her.

To me, it was not fair. Tamzin was such a vibrant soul. She wanted to celebrate her life on this planet and experience as much of it as she could. For her not having this opportunity, shakes the pieces of my already broken heart.

What breaks my heart even further is the loss her parents, closest friends and loved ones have to endure right now. Seeing them all pouring their hearts out on Facebook rips at me.

It’s really not fair.

During her funeral today, I was reminded of how Tamzin lit up a room with her smile and presence, what an example she set to many and the love she carried with her being a moral compass to all who shared in her life. For Earth to lose someone like this was indeed a tragic loss and one that could understandably not be comprehended.

A while ago, I blogged about a tale from my childhood in which my mother use to tell me that people who pass away are recruited as guardian angels. This tale had been a saving grace for me after my boyfriend passed away four months ago, and with Tamzin passing, it rolled around again to remind me that we are all on borrowed time on this planet.

For one moment you could be laughing with someone and the next they might not be here… It’s a scary realisation when you’ve had to say goodbye to a few people in the last couple of years…

After a while, you fear the next phone call or message coming through on your phone, as you wonder who is gone now. I know I’ve certainly come to stop breathing when my phone rings or a message comes through on my phone…

I know all of my blog posts usually have a silver lining at the end. It’s what makes my posts unique. But, this post won’t have a silver lining.

Instead, I’ll just say again: It’s not fair.

Cause we all know it is not fair that this planet is a bit more dull now that we’ve lost another beautiful soul.