There’s nothing left to lose

This post will probably be the most straightforward one to date, but I have a few things I need to get off my chest.

You see I’m the type of person who generally keeps my trap shut about what I really think, to preserve some peace and unnecessary confrontation. I believe you can kill a million souls with one word, but when you keep them in your head, it’s actually safer up there.

So, hence me cropping up some feelings that I need to vent here today.

You see. I have nothing left to lose anymore.

This all started on Friday afternoon, when I stumbled upon a music video from Mika and Ariana Grande called “Popular Song”.

It made me think back to High School and go on a little trip down memory lane. One I didn’t want to take, but made me open my eyes.

It’s been 5 years since I left school. I’m not going to lie. It’s been 5 tough years, but it has been way better than the 12 I suffered through in school.

The world out there is tough for children who are misfits, who are different and can’t find themselves at first. As social outcasts, we’re literally put to Darwin’s test: Adapt or die.

At first, I went through with a support system and people who would tell me I shouldn’t succumb to bullies demands, turn the other cheek, or just go the teacher if they bothered me. I survived on what some will basically point out to as “luck”. Maybe I had a pretty good guardian angel who needed to put in over time or something…

Sometimes, I had torture from inside my own house and from people I least expected it. I was made to be stronger and more like the other boys my age. Toughen up, stop being a wimp, a loser.

After primary school, came high school. I thought it would be a new beginning, that maybe things will be different this time. But, it wasn’t.

It was like everything else that happened to me, was on steroids. The bullying got worse and the torture continued. Through it else, I was battling puberty and school while trying to please my parents with my good grades and other extra-curricular activities.

I don’t want to delve much into my time in high school. I’ve locked away some of the memories tightly into the back of my mind, but I’ll probably never forget my tormentors… When something’s engraved, it sticks for life.

Today, I look back to that time in my life and I stand stronger, taller and with a lot of pride, wisdom and lessons in tact.

You see… The caterpillar becomes a cocoon and soon enough a butterfly will emerge. I’m not at the third stage of metamorphosis yet, but I’m getting there. And having that reflection back to my life in high school, has reminded me that I’m strong and an face anything in life.

Today, I’m the man I can be proud of, while building on a bigger dream and destiny for myself. While most of my tormentors are stuck in a ditch facing ruin and failure.

Most of them are all either married at 22, with two kids and deadbeat job, while I’m more famous than they’ll ever be.

I also wanted to prove a point with this post: You broke me down, I built myself up. At the end of the day, you made me stronger and now I stand tall. Guess who’s laughing last 🙂

To anybody out there suffering from torment or bullies, who may be reading this. I want to make a promise today that everything will be okay. One day, school will end, you’ll get to the real world and be the best you ever were.

Just remember: You have nothing left to lose, so be true to yourself and be the best YOU can be.

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