First blog in about a month, but I’m pretty sure this one will make up for all the one’s I may have missed over the past weeks.

So, in this blog post, I want to stand still at the critical issues of dating.

Yes. Me, the famed person who does not talk out about dating or love that often, is actually going to do a post this week about the lay of the land most of us have experienced.

During the rainy long weekend, I had a chance to curl up in bed with Liz Gilbert’s follow up novel to Eat, Pray, Love – Committed.

It’s been a slow work in progress for me to finish the book. Let’s say about a year or so…

But in this book, Liz is back and she busts some pretty awesome myths surrounding marriage and dating.

And this stuck with me for quite some time after I finished the last page: Why do we tend to overcomplicate things when it comes to dating?!

Is it because we are fragile human beings who’ve been hurt too often and find the compulsive need to jumble everything into a complicated maths equation that we can’t solve, or does it just turn out to become a problem that we over-analyse?

Look, it’s hard trying to tell yourself: Keep it Simple Stupid. But we as humans just love to complicate things for ourselves.

Why? I don’t know. Yet…

In her book, Liz sets out to sort out this complicated equation that she’s being posed, and manages to declutter things for herself.

This, showed me, that I too can take control of my screwed up dating life and declutter things for myself.

When you don’t call or text me back, I won’t go down the spiralling slide of panic and paranoia. I will instead assume that you’ve been abducted by aliens, and will reach out to me in due course or when possible.

If you say something, with a huge question mark attached to it, I will not pose my journalistic side and bombard you. Instead, I will opt to nod and wait till you give me the answers on a silver platter.

And, if you choose to break things off with me, not to my face, but through a distant attitude, I will promptly take rejection for its worth and move on swiftly.

My Keep It Simple Stupid-plan just got some new rules, and I’m pretty sure those of you reading this blog post, just realised that you need to calm the hell down when it comes to your intrepid dating life filled with turmoil and constant troubles.

Declutter the shit out your dating life and find a way to make things simple for yourself.

If you want a boyfriend, go on dates, but don’t create high expectations for yourself.

If you want a fling – have a fling, but don’t lead someone on.

If you want a husband – then you probably need to chill and start by finding a boyfriend.

Create a new plan of action for yourself and remember folks: Keep it Simple Stupid.Image