The future is not set in stone, but the past can’t hold you back either…

I am not dead. I am still alive, and my blog has been on a little hiatus. No-post-November is the first thing on my agenda that I have to apologise for.

My life has taken a surprising turn recently and I have found myself not having the time or the need to sit down and blog. This surprising new turn is something good, but for now, I am keeping my lips sealed, but maybe all can be revealed in due time.

As we head into the last weeks of 2013, I took a look back at the year and the journey my blog has taken from the first post up and till the end of October.

It became evident to me that time waits for no one and the the sand through the hourglass has run its course.

It’s good to know that we as humans can look back and look at a year gone past, and reflect on matters and issues that made 2013 a year that might stand out or forever be etched into our minds.

And even while some us are lateral thinkers, the dreamers amongst us (me included) have started looking towards 2014 and already tried taking guesstimates at what it could hold for us.

If it is one thing that 2013 has taught me is that the future is not set in stone.

In the blink of an eye, your future and life can be changed forever. It takes one second to change the course of a few years.

Not even the best actuary or fortune teller could plan ahead, even if they wanted to. Life is just that tricky and surprising.

So, I’ve come to halt myself when I plan ahead into the future. The little voice in my mind has already become my best companion and know serves as a kind reminder that I should live for the here and now and take everything one step at a time. Living for the moment is what I have essentially boiled myself down to.

Truth be told: I prefer it that way. I prefer to be surprised along the way.

But, with the future comes your past. It is something we can’t escape or run away from, and this too is something we need to embrace. Even if it is covered in thorns and burning hotter than the sun.

The past made us all stronger and has brought us to where we are today. It has happened and will never have the ability to keep us back. From what I have come to learn these past couple of weeks is that who you are now and who’ll you become or remain in the future that is important.

Even if the rumors are true that we as humans created the illusion of time to comprehend the universe, I am still glad the concept of time exists. For to know where we are heading to, we sometimes need to also know where we came from.

For now, living in this moment, I am happier than I have ever been before in years.

I know where I am going to, and I am ready to face the obstacles along the way, but I am glad I have realised that my past will never be able to hold me back.

The future is not set in stone, but the past can’t hold you back either…