We all have a voice

My newest blog post comes after I had to delete many drafts on posts I was planning to publish. Drafts that will probably never see the light of day, but also thoughts and ideas that I believe might not be so safe to air out there.

The thing with being a creative soul is that you get to sit down and type down the words of your thoughts, but you get stuck somewhere between the middle of something and the lack of nothing.

Then the backspace key comes alive to the touch of your finger hitting down on it in constant succession.

In life, people get to air thoughts that should not seldom be aired.

Politicians get to say things that hurt their nation, and it is almost always things they say that they live to regret.

I too say a lot – I too regret a lot that has been said. You are probably just as guilty.

I find it quite justifiable when people silence you if you say rubbish. When you speak a load of twat, then you deserve to be reprimanded.

But, when you are speaking the truth, standing up and voicing a valid opinion, giving a crowd of voiceless people a voice, then you should NEVER be reprimanded.

My whole life I have been reprimanded for having a voice, believing in something and standing up to voice my deepest thoughts.

Each and every time, I was silenced.

“You are too young. What do you know?!”

“Shut the fuck up – you are stupid moron.”

“God is judging your opinion, you sinned fool.”

It’s words that certainly closed my mouth and my head at the least, but managed to place a big piece of tape over my mouth. In them telling me to keep quiet, I was successfully bullied into keeping quiet.

My silence never spoke louder than my words. I was too scared to say something.

In recent times, we have been seeing an uprising of people who have found their voices and who simply refuse to be shoot down any longer.

Young girls from across the world who live in squalor and impoverished nations, are standing up against their oppressors.

People of different sexual orientations are standing up against their tormentors and bullies, taking a stance against discrimination.

Women, who have been put down for so many centuries, told to be nothing and just a servant, are standing up and ripping off the tape from their mouths.

People who have sexually abused, a casting the shackles off their pained past, and fighting their attackers.

For the first time in ages, people are using their most powerful asset and tool: their voices.

We all have a voice. Let it be a squeaky one, or a booming monotonous one: it’s a voice nonetheless.

And while I chose to delete drafts of blog posts, filled with words that I might never be brave to say, I realised I would be silenced again, like many times in my life before.

But now, I choose not to be silenced any more.

What I say, what I do, who I am, what I feel is not a weapon for somebody to break me down with.

My voice will never go out – as long as I can yell at the top of my lungs, I will stand up against bullies and tormentors.

Today, I urge everybody reading this post to make the decision not to keep quiet any longer.

Use your voice, say your say.

Never be silenced out of fear.Image