“And I won’t wait any longer
When you left me down, I got stronger
If you want to wait for lightning
I’m on the horizon
Well, I’m coming back with the thunder
Well, I’m coming back with the thunder
Well, I’m coming back with the thunder…”

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The most mesmerizing thing about a caterpillar is that it lives with a potential inside of it. This potential is ridiculed and laughed off – how can a worm become something more. It’s not until they become a cocoon that these laughs are silenced and it’s not until they morph into a beautiful butterfly that the non-believers cover their mouths and start wishing they could do the same.

But, as you all might gather… I’m not talking about a butterfly here. And at the least am I talking about a physical transformation that leaves people stunned.

You see, I’m talking here about a metamorphosis on a spiritual, emotional and mental level that brings out a light in one that can only but inspire people.

So, here goes my 01:00 mind boggling and word changing musings:

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I’m scared

You see, my fellow bloggers, the thing is that from since what I can remember, I’ve always been afraid of myself. If this statement raises your brow, please calm down. This is not a case of me fearing a split personality wanting to kill of people.

I’ve always been afraid of really being me.

I think this is a true curse that comes from being different. In this case my difference is my sexuality – but let’s face it, society has dictated that it’s a difference and not me. I think this has from an early age crippled me beyond a point where I spent so many years of my adolescence trying to be someone who I am not. Disassociating with the different feelings was maybe some form of survival, just as a butterfly needs to be a cocoon or caterpillar to survive. If it was not the bullies, it was from the haters out there who wanted to break me and make me conform.

Let me tell you, for a young gay child, the worst is being told to one thing when deep inside you, you die a little each day not being who you really want to be. This is a torture and hardship not many people won’t ever understand. On it’s own, this fear is mostly out of someone realising who you really are and breaking you down again or the people who love you rejecting that what you truly are.

Even after R’s suicide, I was robbed of a lot of who I was at that stage. He left, taking a huge part of me and who I was with him. This on its own has created a fear within me. I lost a lot of who I was in one untimely demise… Years of trying to become a person who can stand in the light and not be afraid…

After this, I had/have had a huge battle with trying to overcome that fear. I didn’t want to build up myself again, to just have it all be robbed from me in an unguarded moment.

Fear crippled me. I was stuck in my cocoon. I didn’t want to come out.

The tiring fight

It was not until recently that I stopped fighting the fear, everyone, society and life. 

Inside me, I became so tired of trying to walk down a road that was becoming more self destructive to what was left of me. I had not yet really stepped up to the game after R’s passing and I was still afraid of life. This was clearly evident and I think a lot of people dealing with me saw this. I don’t apologise for this at all and I’m actually thankful for this limbo I was stuck in. It gave me the appropriate time to heal and become stronger – more importantly it served as a wake up call as to the pending questions that were really left in my life: Who am I? What are my plans/goals? Where to now?

I think it was during this period of reflection that I grew tired of the cocoon. I had wings and I wanted to test them out – I was too tired of being afraid and I was too tired to really care what others think.

Life lesson: At the end of the day it is what you think of yourself that really makes the difference. You can’t expect the world to hang on every word you say if you don’t even love yourself or remotely believe in yourself.

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So, here goes. I’m done with the cocoon. Even though I’m scared shitless, have a million questions and emotions rushing through my head and I don’t have a clear plan in mind as to how and where to go forward from here, I do know that I’m ready to throw open my wings and do what I know I can do best. Fly.

I’ve done enough hiding, surviving and barely breathing to get sick of just barely living life. The bumps, bruises and aches are all a part of life. Will I get hurt again? Yes. But this time I’ll be able to fight back and do something I now know I’m well equipped to do with everything inside me.

The main goal in life shouldn’t be to just survive. It should be to fight back, stand tall and be an unstoppable force. Me being classified different by society is whats exactly going to make me, me and the world throwing punches my way with loss, grief and heartache is tests to see if I’m still the brave fighter I’ve always been.

Life. As scary as it is, it’s a beauty on its own and deserves to be lived.

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We all have a voice

My newest blog post comes after I had to delete many drafts on posts I was planning to publish. Drafts that will probably never see the light of day, but also thoughts and ideas that I believe might not be so safe to air out there.

The thing with being a creative soul is that you get to sit down and type down the words of your thoughts, but you get stuck somewhere between the middle of something and the lack of nothing.

Then the backspace key comes alive to the touch of your finger hitting down on it in constant succession.

In life, people get to air thoughts that should not seldom be aired.

Politicians get to say things that hurt their nation, and it is almost always things they say that they live to regret.

I too say a lot – I too regret a lot that has been said. You are probably just as guilty.

I find it quite justifiable when people silence you if you say rubbish. When you speak a load of twat, then you deserve to be reprimanded.

But, when you are speaking the truth, standing up and voicing a valid opinion, giving a crowd of voiceless people a voice, then you should NEVER be reprimanded.

My whole life I have been reprimanded for having a voice, believing in something and standing up to voice my deepest thoughts.

Each and every time, I was silenced.

“You are too young. What do you know?!”

“Shut the fuck up – you are stupid moron.”

“God is judging your opinion, you sinned fool.”

It’s words that certainly closed my mouth and my head at the least, but managed to place a big piece of tape over my mouth. In them telling me to keep quiet, I was successfully bullied into keeping quiet.

My silence never spoke louder than my words. I was too scared to say something.

In recent times, we have been seeing an uprising of people who have found their voices and who simply refuse to be shoot down any longer.

Young girls from across the world who live in squalor and impoverished nations, are standing up against their oppressors.

People of different sexual orientations are standing up against their tormentors and bullies, taking a stance against discrimination.

Women, who have been put down for so many centuries, told to be nothing and just a servant, are standing up and ripping off the tape from their mouths.

People who have sexually abused, a casting the shackles off their pained past, and fighting their attackers.

For the first time in ages, people are using their most powerful asset and tool: their voices.

We all have a voice. Let it be a squeaky one, or a booming monotonous one: it’s a voice nonetheless.

And while I chose to delete drafts of blog posts, filled with words that I might never be brave to say, I realised I would be silenced again, like many times in my life before.

But now, I choose not to be silenced any more.

What I say, what I do, who I am, what I feel is not a weapon for somebody to break me down with.

My voice will never go out – as long as I can yell at the top of my lungs, I will stand up against bullies and tormentors.

Today, I urge everybody reading this post to make the decision not to keep quiet any longer.

Use your voice, say your say.

Never be silenced out of fear.Image